What happens when a yarn-aholic tries to stop buying yarn?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Temptation strikes.

So I know I said the next post would be all about explaining the problem, but I might not get to that today. I'm having a fit of temptation. Lucky thing I have this here blog to document it, right? Yeah. Here's the deal: I'm trying to figure out Christmas presents, mostly for my family, and I have not seen my family in at least a year. And I'm terrible about sending boxes, so I have my mom's Christmas present from last year, her Mother's Day present I made her this year, and her Christmas present from this year (and no, there will be no pictures until she receives it, because any day now I'll tell her about the blog and NO PEEKING!). My mom is easier to make stuff for than my dad. See previous post re: thinks he can't wear wool. So I'm planning to make my dad socks, and I figure I have to have the same build up of stuff for him, right? Three pairs of socks? Really? My dad's a teacher, and I've been wanting to make him a school spirit scarf in his school's colors. So last night I started playing around on knitpicks and found stuff that would be perfect, then I needed some other things, then I realized that it's free shipping over forty dollars! So I now have a cart with forty dollars worth of stuff in it saved on the site. I can't buy it. I can't! I have bills due, and I only get paid every two weeks! And I have so. Much. Yarn. Seriously, I will make my dad things from my stash for at least two more weeks, then I'll see about the knitpicks stuff. At least I have it all picked out and ready to go, I guess. Ok, I can be good.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Like a Knitter's Mardi Gras

It's time. They say starting is the hardest part, and clearly they're right, if I'm already starting out with a cliche'. Sorry 'bout that. Seriously, I've tried to start this blog (and the yarn diet itself, but we'll get to that) probably like, five times now. But tonight! Is a dark and stormy-ish night, and I have pictures and words and David Bowie playing on the computer, and a tiny bit of energy left over after a stupidly long day at work. So here we are.

*Waits for something to happen*

Right. A word about this blog: Don't fool yourselves, it's not going to be updated regularly. I'm a grad student who also works pretty close to full time at a coffee shop, and this is a knitting blog, so I figure some of my left-over time should be spent actually knitting. Anyway, welcome to the Yarn Diet.

Like I said before, starting anything is is harder than anything else, it seems, and with diets, we all know that the best way to start is to have one good gluttonous meal, eating everything in site that you love because tomorrow? Your diet begins. I decided that clearly, the same was true of a yarn diet. I was really good all summer, and didn't buy (much) yarn, so I had some money saved up for my last big spree. So when Woolcott's announced their anniversary sale, I was ready. This was my feast before famine, my Mardi Gras and last supper and lots of other things that all mean the same thing anyway, all rolled into one big festival of color and ten-dollar Fiesta La Luz (I'm not kidding). So here we go.

Here we see the hand of eager knitter reaching into a sale bin. I was lucky or stupid enough to arrive during the lunch rush, and things were crazy for a while. I was calm, because I'd had the foresight to go in earlier in the week and scope things out, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted out of this sale. Of course, the calm only lasted for about a minute once I started seeing what was in the super-secret-totally-awesome sale bins, and then my heart started fluttering and I almost asked for a chair and some smelling salts. I wish I'd gotten more pictures, because man, these knitters were going nuts. But dudes? So was I. I wasn't as bad as the lady I saw pulling out an entire shelf of yarn to find the color she wanted, and I totally asked for help when the high shelves defeated my 5' 3" height. I do wish I'd gotten a picture of the knitter who had not known there was a sale, and had just randomly stopped in. The look on her face was priceless, somewhere between pure delight and a complete breakdown as she was overwhelmed. It was fun.

This is one of the sale bins post-lunch rush. Completely emptied by the crazy knitters. Hee! I may or may not have had a hand in that, I honestly can't remember.

After the rush subsided, there was pizza! That was good. The wool fumes were really starting to get to me at that point, and the food helped me recover. On the way out I caught another knitter with her haul.

This is the lovely Susan or Susanna, I'm terrible with names, sorry. She got a huge bag of Noro for stupidly cheap. Totally awesome.

And then I hauled my gian bag of yarn home, and pretty much collapsed. And then I poured the bag out on my bed and sorted it in amusing ways and took lots of pictures of it, which struck me as completely normal behavior, which means I've been reading too many other knitting blogs.

This is the bag, pre-dumping. Do you love it? Are you jealous already? Oh, you will be. As my friend Nick says, you are like, so jealous you can't even deal. I'm paraphrasing, but yeah.

We'll start with the silk. Four skeins of Alchemy Silk at 25% off the regular price, and one skein of the La Luz that was seriously ten dollars. I'm thinking maybe a tank top? Maybe it's not enough, I don't know. I didn't really care. The beige-y La Luz might go into a scarf for my dad, since he thinks he's allergic to wool (he's not, I can prove it, he'll get over his fear soon). It's a manly enough color, right?

Next up we have a single skein of Manos del Uraguay, color Oil Slick, which I needed to finish the shrug I've been working on since April. I should have had plenty of yarn, but either the pattern's numbers were way wrong or the lady who wrote it is way shorter than me (and that would make her like, three feet high?), but the way it was written woouldn't have gone all the way across my back, let alone all the way down both my arms. So I needed another skein, and Woolcott's had it. And it was on sale, rock on. It's paired with a lovely skein of Noro Silver Thaw, which was also in the ten-dollar bin. I have no idea what I'll do with it, but dude!

As for these ribbon yarns, well, they were a dollar apiece. I was totally going to resist them, until somebody pointed out that they would be good for tying up packages and making bows and things, and for a dollar? I can get behind that.

Several skeins of Classic Elite Premiere, because I have pregnant friends and I was imagining a beautiful little dress in these colors, with a ribbon around the waste. Sure hope at least one of these friends has a girl. . .

More Fiesta! Four skeins of Watermark, two in Vanilla, one in Malibu, and one in Poppies. The black (sorry, "Black Mesa") is Kokopelli, also by Fiesta. I don't know what these will be yet, but I have ideas. Possibly even Ideas.

And a little more Fiesta, actually. The red and black stuff is La Boheme, and it's shown with some purple fingering weight merino/silk, and some Trendsetter SuperKid Silk, for no real reason other than not going with anything else. That kidsilk? They call the color "Pink Zebra," but I think we all know that it is the official Pop Punk Princess Colorway. Avril Levigne would kill for a scarf or some armwarmers made out of this stuff.

Sock yarn dudes, sock yarn. I know this picture is kind of crappy as far as colors, but I made a pyramid out of my sock yarn (which is actually something I do with my socks before putting them away on laundry day. Ball a pair together, stack them in a pyramid, then put them all in the drawer. But the drawer is not organized or stacked in any way) and I wanted you to see the full scope of the sock yarn Problem. There's Regia Bamboo, Silk, Color, etc. The darker colors will be socks for my boyfriend and my dad, and once again, if none of us tell him there is a tiny bit of wool in these socks, he will never know. The more rainbowy and blue colors are for me and other women in my life.

I also bought some needles at the sale, because they had a little basket of Addi Turbos that were all five dollars. Dude! I had so much fun going through the stack pulling out the ones I wanted and going, "And this one's mine, and this one's mine, and this one's mine!" I only bought three because I was already getting so much yarn, and I really regret not just buying the whole basket and sorting them out later. But other people deserve a shot at cheap Addi's too, I guess.

So that's the haul! And now that I've done this, my yarn diet can officially begin. I'll explain all of that in the next post, because this seems ridiculously long, even for an inaugural post.

Next Time: Flashin' Der Stashin' or We May Have a Problem Here